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Long Curly Braids hairstyles For Ladies 2023. If you have always braided your hair long but without curly tips, you are really missing something nice. Curls really gives your braided styles that kind of look that is superb. In this beautiful phase of hairstyles, you will get to see different pictures of hairstyles with curly ends.

Apart from the hairstyles under Long Curly Braids hairstyles For Ladies 2023 being curly, you will get to see different colors of hair extensions that you can make use of. Short braid hairstyles can be curled also.

Hairstyles with curls includes Ghana weaving, Box braids, Goddess braids, Braided Long Bob hairstyles, Triangle parts braids, Fulani braids, Stunning Braided Ponytail, Knotless braids, Jumbo braids and which ever hairstyle you think will fit it for the curly tips.

Steps to make braided curly tips:

Step 1: You start by separating the finished braided hair into small section with rubber band to make the work easier and faster.

Step 2: Get hot water enough to curl the braids and get a big bowl around since you will be making use of it. Start by wrapping the end of the braids around curling rod. Make sure it is wrapped in a tight way and you can then secure it with a pin to make it firm and give positive result.

Step 3: You can can now start putting the braids into the hot water that you have in the bowl. Take your prepared sections of hair and dip the ends into the hot water. If you are yet to separate the braids into section, do not pour the hot water in the bowl, the hotness of the water will do justice to the braids by making it curly. Also, you will need to be careful with the hot water so that you won’t burn the body of the person sitting.

Step 4: After holding the braids in the hot water poured in the bowl for few seconds, you can now remove the braids you dipped into the hot water and gently squeeze out the water by making use of a thick towel. Make sure you are using a thick towel for it to absorb the hot water drained for the hair. Also, if you do make use of thick towel, your palms can easily get hurt with hot water that you are trying to squeeze out from braids.

Step 5: Wrap your braids around the rod, take the end of your braids and wrap it tightly around the rod. Make sure the braid is wrapped tightly around the rod, so it stays in place. Once the braid is wrapped around the rod, secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 6: Repeat step 3

Step 7: Once all the ends of the braids are curled, allow them dry completely with the use of hand dryer on low heat so that your efforts won’t be wasted. The hair needs to dry to avoid the braids from itching.

Step 8: When the braids are completely dried, you will need to remove the rod you put. Now, gently unwind the braids from the rods

Other ways of curling braids are listed below.

Braid Curling: This involves separating your braids into small sections. Take a section and braid it tightly following the three standard braid manners after which you’ll dip it in hot water for a couple of minutes, and then unravel it afterwards for a beautiful wavy look.

String Curling: Take a string and wrap it around a section of braids till you get to the ends, and then you pull upwards and secure the ends with the string. Dip it into hot water for a couple of minutes, and take it out, after which you’ll unravel it.

Hot Rollers: The rollers follow the same technique as the others above, take a small section of braids, wrap the ends around the rollers, dip them into hot water, and let it sit for a couple of minutes, take it out and afterwards remove the roller.

NOTE: Curly braids comes in different forms. You should always inform your hairstylist the type of curls you would prefer.

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