July 11, 2024
benefits of coconut oil

Most of us have coconut oil in the kitchen but don’t know the extent to which it can benefit us. We’ve just always had it in storage for one reason or another because of the claims we read or hear on the news or TV using buzzwords to refer to it as “healthy”. In that case, how does coconut oil contribute to a better quality of life? There are many practical uses topically or externally, but there are also important benefits of coconut oil that better our health internally.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Here are the surprising benefits of coconut oil;

1. Natural Fat Burning

Weight loss is a stressful thing for all of us as we constantly try to jump from one weight loss fad to another, while a very obvious passive solution is sitting right under our noses. Coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fats and healthy fatty acids that assist our body in fat burning In addition to this, they provide us a quick surge of energy for our body and brains. So all the while you sweat it out in the gym, coconut oil can help you make a difference.

2. A Healthier Heart

Coconuts aren’t common snacks in the West, but communities loaded up with coconuts and who have a consistent consumption of them in their diets are seen in better health and with very low rates of heart disease cases. Around the South Pacific, people tend to glean 60% of their caloric needs from coconuts. This doesn’t mean that coconuts should be all you eat though, as they have a healthy variety of fruit and fish to go along with it.

3. Anti-Microbial Coconuts

One of the most notable benefits of coconut oil is the fact that they are anti-microbial thanks to one of its fatty acids: Lauric acid which makes up 50% of its fatty acid content. When you consume the Lauric acid, and then digested it, it creates monolaurin that can neutralize harmful things in your body such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. One of the ways people have used this to their advantage is by using coconut oil as a mouthwash in a process called oil pulling that assists in overall oral hygiene.

4. A Quieter Tummy

Our bodies demand food to fuel us with much-needed energy, but surprisingly, coconut oil might help with managing that hunger. MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides (short chains of fatty acids) which studies have shown may help in inducing ketosis, reducing your appetite significantly. If you consume the most MCTs at breakfast, you will need fewer calories throughout the day. If practiced steadily over a few years, it could contribute to a reduction in weight.

5. Cosmetic Applications

This isn’t so much of a surprise as it is one of the most well-known benefits of coconut oil. Its cosmetic applications have been seen in lip balms, makeup, lotions, and not surprisingly in homemade lip balms and lip scrubs. The reason why it’s beneficial for these uses is because it improves skin and hair by increasing moisture. It can even benefit sufferers of eczema who can minimize the symptoms by using coconut oil. With hair, it reduces damage and frailty, thanks again to its highly moisturizing nature.

In conclusion, coconut oil’s surprising benefits span skincare, hair health, and potential overall well-being. Its unique combination of fatty acids and antioxidants, coupled with antimicrobial properties, make it a versatile addition to daily routines.

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